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How do I add you to my Snapchat?


First of all, you must be using a mobile device. Snapchat is only available to use through their app, and cannot be viewed through a web browser on a computer. To our knowledge, Snapchat is currently available as an app on Android and Apple/iOS devices only.

Since the model's private Snapchats are not public, both you AND the model must "friend" each other before you can see her posts. When you add our model as your "friend", you will not be able to see her posts until she adds you in return.

When you sign up for one of our model's private Snapchats, there will be a place in the signup form to add your Snapchat username. Please double check to make sure you are typing the correct username in. This is the ONLY way that our models can add you to their friend list, so it must be correct.

Your username is what you type in when you login to your app on your phone. If you never log out, then you can see your username by tapping the "Ghost" icon at the top/center of the main screen. Then, you will see the yellow/black Snap code, and underneath that will be two lines. The top line is how your name is shown to others. The bottom line contains your username. This is what we need to add you, and this is what you will need to put in when it asks you on the signup page. Please check the image below as an example.

Once you sign up to one of our model's private Snapchats, you will receive an email with further instructions on what to do next. In that email, the username of the model you signed up for will be displayed. You will need to add that username to your friends list by tapping the "add friends" link, then typing in the username in the email.

The next time the model logs on, she will see the notification, then she will check her signups to verify that it is the same person, then she will add you to her friends list. Once she adds you back, and you are both "friends", you will be able to see her posts.

How to find your username
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