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Can I download the videos to my hard drive?


When you click on a specific update, you should be presented with an embedded video. If that site allows video downloads, there will be a dropdown selection above the embedded video where you can select the video to download to your hard drive. If the site does not allow downloads, that option will not be listed. Currently, only one of our site partners ( has requested to only allow videos to be viewed via streaming. All other sites on our networks allow full downloads.

Please note, there are two dropdown selections. One is to watch the various formats in our own player, and the other is for downloading the videos to your hard drive. Simply "right click" the link, then save the file to your hard drive for viewing later. (For detailed instructions, please click the thumbnails below.)

Keep in mind, if you download multiple videos at the same time, you will slow your connection speed and it will take longer to download the videos. If you don't have a high speed connection, try using the mobile or iPad/iPhone version, as it has a slightly lower quality. Also, if you download too many videos at the same time, or if you use a program that automatically downloads the videos, you risk being temporarily blocked by our site security system.

Currently, all sites except for allow full downloads for current updates. The other sites in our network allow full downloads of videos.


download001_thumb.jpg   download002_thumb.jpg   download003_thumb.jpg
Image 1 - Left click the drop down box that is located above the embedded video on the page.   Image 2 - Left click the video format that you want to download. (Do not right click on this step.)   Image 3 - Right click this link, then select "Save as", or "Save to your hard drive" (depending on your browser).
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