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My download manager isn't working


We do not provide assistance for download managers, and in fact prefer that they are not used with our system.

Most download managers are ineffective with our members area, as we issue session IDs and the download links are only valid for a fixed period of time. So, setting a download manager to work while you sleep could cause you to experience incomplete downloads, or even cause your username to be suspended for repeated login attempts.

For those who use Download Accelerator Plus (DAP):

We officially do not support Download Accelerator Plus (or any download managers for that matter). Some will create a "broken" video experience in our members area. For instance, Download Accelerator Plus and IE10 together will break our videos. Please use another browser or uninstall Download Accelerator Plus.

Speedbit has been slow to acknowledge bugs in DAP and even slower to fix them. There was a time in 2012 where Download Accelerator Plus actually made parts of Facebook unusable for people who had DAP installed. It took them almost a year to fix the issue. 

They now have a bug with Google's jQuery and Ajax calls. We tried to contact them to find a fix, perhaps get some insight into why it is breaking, with no response.

There are dozens of download managers out there, if not 100's, and we cannot support them all. If your download manager works, great! If it does not, we're sorry but we cannot customize our site to support third party browser plugins.

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